Academic/Education Resources

Since primary academic support must come from individual universities, colleges and career schools, much of this material addresses financial aid.  Some educational counseling and family education support information is included.

By going to (education), access is available to multiple sites offering education assistance to felons/ex-cons.  For example, - U.S. Department of Education will connect to Scholarships, Grants and other sources of federal financial aid. Go to the "how do I find?" tab, and get:

Also, "information centers" tab has: , has information on educational grants of $10,000 to $249,000. Resource info and guidance is available on pursuing free government education funds. Federal Student Aid - go to for the application for federal student aid with instructions, deadline and associated eligibility requirements.  Note: there are similar Web sites which will require payment to submit the application.  This site is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education which points out that the first “F” in FAFSA stands for free. Use this one. , provides information on schools offering federal aid assistance.  This database contains resources/links with Colleges, Universities and Career Schools on: Federal Student Loans, Scholarships and Grants, Employer-Based Financial Aid, Tuition Reimbursement Programs, Direct Payment Through Third Party Billings and

FAFSA Applications. , This is an excellent cite featuring a comprehensive directory of financial aid and assistance for ex-offenders. Updated yearly and can be purchased in a book, or downloadable formats. - provides some scholarship information with a Student Resources section which outlines: Open Scholarships, Resources for Students and Application Tips.

At , Certification For the Incarcerated. Go to Scholarships, Grants, Help, Loans and Links for information on a variety of financial aid for education including: FAFSA loans, Ex Offender Scholarships, Fast Student Loans, Free College grants and more resource material. -Quick, Zero-Fee Student Loans with a rewards program for graduation. , has free applications and instructions on how to obtain federal government education grant funds. , under the Education link here, there is an excellent collection of universities/colleges, most with program descriptions. - Employment and training Administration sponsored site.  A guide to finding and securing government grant money to finance Education as well as: Housing, Debt Repair, Clothing, Gas, etc.  This is a consumer advocacy group concerned with providing access to free government funds.  Top rated grants and sites are reviewed with links to research guides, reviews of specific grant programs and ETA.