These are centralized resources, primarily national, to support exconvicts with families For Food Assistance, go to the U.S.D.A.,  Food and Nutrition Service link for access to the Food Stamp Program.  How to Apply For Benefits, Eligibility, and Hotline info are among the many resources and services available here. 

Use the FNS search engine or browser to investigate Programs, Publications, Outreach Services, Emergency Assistance and more. As well as, supplemental links/materials on related topics.  Check out the USDA home page for family services and programs addressing other areas of concern.

Formerly American Second Harvest at , Feeding America operates a national Food Bank Network with a Food Bank Locator connecting you to a food rescue organization/bank by State and/or ZIP code.  The included Site Map may direct you to information resources, and the Related Links offers extensive organizational resources.

In Michigan: - Gleaners Food Bank - Michigan Food Banks and Services (type into browser)

At , a wealth of federal government info and resources on childcare is available. This site offers guidance on finding: Choosing and Paying for Childcare in your area.  Links to: Providers, Research, Agencies and relevant Topics are among the many resources provided here.  Issues ranging from Abuse/Neglect and School, to Behaviors are covered in a comprehensive fashion.

The Administration for Children and Families at: , is another comprehensive federal site for info and resource material for the former prisoners who have children and/or families.  Services links to: Child Care and Support, ACF Programs, Energy Assistance, Head Start and an ACF Program Office Locator are among the resources offered.  Family Assistance and Child Welfare links are also provided.

For Information about parenting: provides advice on children, behavior, and pregnancy which may be useful to former prisoners.

At , help, guidance and support for parents including school, behavioral and disciplinary issues can be accessed.

The Health and Parenting Center at: , offers developmental information and guidance in a stage by stage format.
                                                               , and are similarly good resources for parenting information, advice and links to a wide range of services and support for parents. , provides free information, books and music for families through local libraries, organized by ZIP code.

In Michigan: go to for resources on a broad spectrum of services, programs and support for children and families.  Found here are the Family Independence Program (FIP), Michigan Assistance and Referral Service, Child Protective Services and several other support/assistance services and programs.  Be sure to check out the Medical and Special Services links where Health Care, Applying for Assistance, Community Support, Pregnancy/Delivery and Newborn resources exist, with a Forms and Publications link to assist various application processes.  Emergency Services will get you to programs and services to assist with immediate Health and Safety Issues.  There is also a Family Resource Center link which coordinates the provision of family services through neighborhood schools.