Many former prisoners face credit and debt issues upon release from prison.  Here are some sites that may be useful. - Experian provides free credit reports/scores/history.

At , online credit reports are available with some conditions.

For credit repair (often for a fee) go to the Credit Repair and Debt Resource

Center at: .  Some solid free advice via articles and publications is available.  There is a great deal of usable information on: Debt Repayment, Cleaning-up Credit Reports, Dealing with Creditors, Student Loans, Credit and Debt Cards, along with a Tools and Resource Center.  This includes: a Lawyer (finance) Directory, advice on FAQ’s, a Glossary of Financial Terms, and Bankruptcy info.

Similarly for debt counseling, there is a wide array of mostly for profit services including: Credit,

At, there is as overview of consumer credit counseling services for comparison.

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) at , offers guides and resources for: Debt Crisis, Consumer Debt Advice, Bankruptcy and a national locator for NFCC member agencies., provides valuable free advice on a variety of credit related issues:  Debt Issues, Credit Reports and Cards, Loans, Money Management, Credit Law, Small Business Finance, and Home Buying.  This site also offers a Learning Center with additional Publications, Resources, a Glossary and FAQ responses.

In Michigan, use the Michigan Business Directory at: , for Credit Scores, Credit Repair Services/Counseling and Bankruptcy advice.  Links to an extensive list of businesses and organizations specializing in credit issues are available.

Additional Resources - credit repair law firm (online) - help with the I.R.S.