Domestic Violence/ Abuse/Sexual Assault

The Domestic Violence Helpguide at: , provides extensive resources for domestic violence/battery/abuse help, treatment, intervention and prevention, Links for Emergency/Crisis Help including the National Domestic Violence Hotline, are available.  Additional links take you to Information, Organizations, Services and Publications related to issues of DV including a Shelter Locator.

At , a Family Violence Prevention Fund sponsored site, access to national/regional resources for intervention, education and information regarding domestic violence victims, perpetrators and treatment is provided.  Under the Resources tab, extensive links are provided which address a continuum of issues related to battery/domestic abuse.  Especially noteworthy is the Men and Fathers link which is directed toward those men interested in ending violence against women and children. Other tabs/links offer equally comprehensive resource material on DV.

The Stop Abuse For Everyone (SAFE) site at , offers services publications, and training to those who are typically marginalized by conventional DV services.  Straight Men, GLBT Victims, Teens, and the Elderly are the focus of this site.  National resource material including a Finding Help Guide, Support Group locators, Resource List and published literature are provided as well as links to affiliated organizations. - Offers a Survivor Resource Guide for victims of prison rape and their families.  National/Regional Resources, Legal and Psychological Counseling, Programs, Legal and Self Help resources, books and reports are available.  A breakdown by state of counseling and support services with contact info is provided.
                                                               - Rape Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN).  This site provides access to the country’s “largest anti-sexual assault organization“.  The Get Help/Get Help Now tabs get you to the National Sexual Assault Hotline either by phone or online. There is a Victims Services link which takes you to more hotline and resource info, as well as the Rape Crisis Center Information page.  Get Info tab allows access to additional sexual assault resources: Prevention, Recovery from Sexual Assault, Reporting, State/Fed. Resources and other Links. - enter “sexual abuse, domestic violence” etc. in the search window and find extensive literature on violence and abuse of most descriptions through both victim and offender P.O.V. with treatment and/or informational resources available.

At , a comprehensive site is provided, exploring solutions to a broad range of violence, sexual assault and hate crimes.  This site offers a collection of resources to support individual and collective responses to violence in our society.  Under About Victimization and for Survivors are Resources for Victims and Survivors a variety of resource material is available including: links to the U.S. Dept. of Justice Help for Victims Services.  Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault contains information for survivors of rape and sexual abuse, as well as a link to the National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect is provided.  Additional resources on DV, Family Violence, Teen Dating Violence, Stalking and much more can be accessed by following the indicated links.

Additional Resources - Michigan Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence provides excellent, comprehensive resources on this, and related topics through the Internet Gateway link.  From the Michigan Resource Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence a multitude of resources and associations, both state and federal, can be accessed.  This includes organizations and clearinghouses related to DV, Battery, Rape and Abuse, both for survivors and perpetrators. - Type "sexual assult" into browser for articles/resources. - DV and sexual assault services/resources in Michigan