Employment in Michigan:

Go to: www.michigan.gov , to access the Michigan Talent Bank, Michigan Jobs and Career Portal, JET (Jobs, Education and Training), Careers in Manufacturing, with additional Job related links to training and employment board sites.  Similar websites exist in many states providing this kind of info, warranting further research.

From the above site one can go to: www.michiganworks.org , site allowing access to the Michigan Works! System.  It is a network of service centers and resource information designed to prepare individuals for economic self sufficiency.  A county-by-county breakdown of services is available along with links to the Michigan Unemployment Website, ADA disability information, and Veterans and Seniors among others.  Job training and assistance is the focus, with Site Map and Conference Info available .

The Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency can be accessed at: www.michigan.gov/uia for information and resources on UI benefits, Contacting Departments and Agencies, Online Services, and most importantly, Forms and instructions for application.  Check out the Publications section for detailed fact sheets on UI benefits, application and eligibility along with associated areas and resources.