These sites represent a good starting point in the quest for information and resources related to impending, or realized, release from incarceration.

Inspiration, published research, activism, social policy discussion, support and encouragement for prisoners/former prisoners.  Provided by ex-convicts and informed non-convict academics.  Learn about the group, relevant published literature, innovative prison educational programming and the commitment to mentoring exconvicts academics.  Be sure to check out links to Books and Relevant Articles and Chapters, Available additional links and related resources: The American Society of Criminology , National Policy Committee Papers, Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, American Correctional Association, Fed CURE,  Soros Foundation, Open Society Institute, Gorilla Convict Publications, and JFA Institute

As stated on the ASC web site: " The American Society of Criminology is an international organization whose members pursue scholarly, scientific, and professional knowledge concerning the measurement, etiology, consequences, prevention, control, and treatment of crime and delinquency."

As described, this site offers information on: "The American Society of Criminology (ASC) Devision on Critical Criminology and the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) Section on Critical Criminal Justice:

This site posts a broad spectrum of services and resources available to former prisoners returning to Florida communities.  It is included because sites of this type should be mandatory across state governments, as it contains comprehensive links.  An excellent template for other states to follow. - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services site.  This site provides supportive services, programs and resources for individuals or families.  Information on: Aging, Disasters and Emergencies, Diseases and Conditions, Drug and Food, Families and Children, Grants and Funding, Policies and Regulations, Reference Collections, Resource Locators, Safety and Wellness and Specific Populations is available. Comprehensive info on safety and well being.

The Department of Human Services provides services and resources that can support former prisoner’s transition back to community life.  Family related services such as child care and support, domestic violence services, individual and family assistance programs are highlighted.  A variety of links can be accessed from this site to support ex-convict reentry.  At, the Centerforce link provides information/resources for ex-convicts and those still incarcerated.  Another comprehensive site offering support, educational guidance and advocacy for former prisoners/prisoners. 
Access to information on: Parole Success, Education, Employment, Links/Resources, Finances, Health, Getting I.D., Driver’s License and SSC, Substance Abuse and a host of directory info. Direct Services are provided in the following order: Children and Families Services, Transitional Services, Prisoner Services and Informational Services. Community based services and services to correctional facilities are included.  Additional resources are available through links to: Resources for people in prison, Resources for prisoner’s reentering society, Ex-offenders resources, Jobs for ex-cons at the Fortune Society, Books to read to children of incarcerated people, Critical records sites, Welfare Law Center, Stop Prisoner Rape, and more.

This site is a centralized resource for life skills and employment information of every description in preparing oneself to improve life after prison.  From job skills/search to educational support, a great deal of published material is available.  There is an Ex-Offenders link which offers resources on everything from Mental Health and Substance abuse/HIV, Community Reentry , Families/Relationships, Job Search and Life Skills, Women Ex-convicts and Housing/Financial Advice to Directives and Reference material. Check out the available video: “After Prison: How the Ex-Convict Can Find A Place to Live, Get Work and Stay Straight.” offers Parole Support Resources, a list of resources to support parole success.  Each included section comes with its own list of inks and materials specific to that area of interest.  Employment Resources, Training Resources, Housing Resources, Counseling Resources and Financial Resources are included.  Some sections are still in development as of this writing, but check out the links to the Parole Illusions menu and the Resources To Help In The Struggle menu.    

By going to: , you can access government information sorted by topic. Various links will take you to resources for: Benefits and Grants (funding, financial aid, food stamps, etc.), Consumer Guides (credit reports, debt info, recalls etc.), Family/Home/Community (housing, human services), Health and Nutrition (Medical, health care, insurance, diet, food assistance, etc.) Jobs and Education (Employment, career and workplace info), and Reference and General Government (Libraries, forms, laws, etc.) among others. Also important here are links to Finding Federal Forms, Contacting Elected Officials and Replacing Vital Records.