Resources for former prisoners and their families in need of adequate housing at www.hud.gov (or add /homeless), state by state resource information is available. 

Assistance and counseling for the homeless is provided as well as programs and Grants to support the acquisition of suitable housing.  Under Other/Help: Food Stamps and Food Bank Locators, Domestic Violence Programs, Veterans Assistance, Fair Housing Protection and Government Benefits can be accessed.  This site offers extensive resource information including links to: National Coalition for the Homeless, Family Promise, Health Care for the Homeless Resource Center, and National Clearinghouse for Drug and Alcohol Information sites among others.  In the Working With HUD section, grants and programs can be accessed, and in Resources, published literature, forms and FAQ’s provided.

Links to the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) for Loans and Mortgages In the U.S., with info on Loans/Credit, Down Payment Grants, Lending Limits and General Information, as well as additional home loan links are available.

For immediate shelter assistance go to: www.artistshelpingchildren.org/shelters.html , for a state by state reference on homeless shelters, both temporary and long term housing, and resources for homeless families.

At www.homelessshelterdirectory.org , regional homeless shelter info is available, primarily for donations, but site info is also provided. 

A related link here is: TheAngelForum.com , where requests for assistance can be posted and answered by appropriate service providers nationally.

In Michigan: www.michigan.gov/mshda - the Michigan State Housing Development Authority has programs, services and assistance to secure suitable housing.
www.goodwillnmi.org - housing and homeless assistance in Northern Michigan.

www.mihomeless.org - Michigan homeless shelter directory.

www.michiganhousinglocator.com - MSHDA sponsored site.  Housing, emergency housing and housing related resources.