Medical / Prescription Assistance

These sites offer medical/medication support for former prisoners and their families.  However, many universities/colleges provide medical care as part of enrollment. - This site provides access to information on health care and prescription drug assistance across the country.  Links to Medicare/Medicaid enrollment, Eligibility, Prescription Drug Plans, Preventative Services, Health Records, Finding a Doctor or Medical Equipment/Services/Providers, Home Health Agencies, Nursing Facilities, Publications and helpful phone numbers and websites are available.

Outside of Medicare/Medicaid financial assistance with medical care and procedures can be found at the following sites: - this site, although part of the National Institute of Health Research, has links to: Assistance With Paying For Medical Care, Financial Aid For Medical Treatments, Assistance With Paying For Medications, Assistance With Insurance Issues, as well as links to the Department of Health and Human Services (, Government Benefits ( ), Health Resources and Services Administration (, Maternal and Child Health Bureau, Families With Children With Special Needs.  These are federal assistance programs with a breakdown of service organizations and contact info for each section. Free Rx drugs at: (MI) and (federal). Rx drug assistance at: - go to the Program Finder for Rx assistance programs.

At , information about paying for health care, free and low cost assistance to those with limited resources.  Resource material on: Medicaid, Medicare, Private Health Insurance, Free and Low Cost Clinics, Prescription Assistance Programs and Cobra are available through this national database.  Associated links/resources: Health and Fitness, Find and Pay For Health Care, Free and Low Cost Health Insurance for Children, and an Information link are also provided. at , lists a variety of federal resources for health care related assistance after typing "prescription", or "medical" assistance into browser.  In addition to Medicare/Medicaid and SSA programs, the Health
Care Financing Administration (HCFA), Health Insurance for Children - How to Apply, Veterans Administration - Health Benefits and Services along with links to info on Food/Nutrition and Children/Families as well. offers low cost, affordable health coverage info to those in need with a toll free number for questions and details.
In Michigan: - this is a consumer resource for obtaining and maintaining Health Care Insurance in the state. - Michigan’s Department of Community Health provides info, programs and other resources for adults/seniors, children and families with links to: Departments/Agencies, Online Services, Health Care Coverage, Pregnancy, Mental Health/Substance Abuse, Prevention, Records and more with extensive links provided.