Mental Health , provides information and resources on Mental Health, Self Help and Psychology.  There are tabs which access info on: Disorders, Treatments, Articles, Self Help, Advocacy, Symptoms, Medication, Research, Books and Events.  It offers a Therapist Locator and Site Map which takes you to an array of resources for Mental Health Education, Crisis Management, Support and other Websites associated with Get Mental Help Inc.

At, access to an extensive national directory for treatment centers and practitioners, with links to information on: Disorders, Related Issues/Articles, a Resource Center, Bookstore, Self Help and Medication.  Information is organized nationally by state with a treatment center locator available.

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) at , provides information and research on the treatment and prevention of mental disorders and associated mental health issues.  This site is largely directed toward mental health professionals, however, a great deal of valuable resource material for those trying to understand and address mental illness can be found here.

Be sure to check out the already mentioned SAMSHA site and link to the National Mental Health Information Center at for extensive links to mental health treatment and recovery resources.  Organizations, Online Resources, a Mental Health Services locator, an MH dictionary, Professional Info, and FAQ’s are available.  Under Mental Health Links, related links to mental health resources on the internet, Federal Websites and Research, Technical Assistance and Training sites are provided for additional resource material.

A SAMSHA sponsored site, What A Difference A Friend Makes at  , provides national resources and information on mental illness. There is a Mental Health Services locator, as well as a Partner Resources tab which allows access to national support/resource organizations with contact info.  The Support tab is especially useful for former prisoners struggling with a family members mental illness.  The Learn tab will take you to resources and information on a broad spectrum of disorders and recovery options.  Along with a Media Center tab (PSA’s and published material), there is a direct link (under Suicide Prevention) to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline site with crisis intervention info and phone numbers available.

Mental Health America offers a site at: , which provides extensive resources for mental health intervention and information.  A Crisis Line, Therapist and Treatment locators are available.  Under Information, find topical information, Disorders and Treatments, Medication info and FAQ’s.  The Help link offers assistance to those in crisis, where to look for treatment ASAP, advice/info about paying for care and guidance about approaches to treatment.  An Action link gives you info on policy issues and advocacy relevant to needed change in the country, mental health policies and service provision.

Additional advocacy and policy resource material in this area can be found at .  The Treatment Advocacy Center (TAC), is a non-profit organization committed to the provision of quality psychiatric care.  This is largely a discussion site but resources for those facing barriers to mental health treatment are available.

A useful site for former prisoners with stress, panic or anxiety issues is: , for Anxiety and Panic Recovery Resources.  There is a Symptoms Checklist, Suggested Interventions, Workshops and Counseling Service links, and a host of resource material for those challenged by the stress of transitioning out of prison and into community life.

Additional Resources - supportive suicide prevention resources. -Type in "mental health services locator" (for your area), as well as Substance abuse and DV treatment locators.

In Michigan - visit , for mental health and substance abuse resources, information and treatment.  Health treatment (conventional), prevention, DV, programs, and vital records services also available.