Substance Abuse/Mental Health/Domnestic Violence

Resources for ex-cons in need of support and services for individual or family issues of Addiction, Mental Health and Domestic Violence.

The most direct path to this information is via the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services).  The SAMHSA website at is a clearinghouse for information on substance abuse/mental health treatment.  Links to Programs, published material and a plethora of related links are available (eg. “Suicide Prevention“).  This is a comprehensive site with links and helplines (various) numbers available.  The Facility Locator will allow access to current drug alcohol treatment programs across the country, along with a Mental Health Treatment tab and supplemental resources available for both areas.

Also useful is the Helpguide at , originating in California, this site includes links and resources nationally, which address a variety of topics including: Addiction, Domestic Violence, Mental Health, Parenting, with related educational resources and associated professional directories.